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This is a quickly made set of pages to share some information, pictures, and rants during my three months here.

My company Info Tech is engaged in a two year project in Manila, part of a multi-year infrastructure and process re-engineering effort spanning many agencies across the Philippines.  Several Info Tech folks are there for 2 years, and several others rotate through on different schedules.  I'm here for three months, starting September 1, 2003.

After arriving, I started e-mailing friends on my experiences, and quickly realized the duplicate effort would ruin my already fragile sanity.  And I need to keep what's left for the project.  So the idea of this web site was hatched.

I have no web design experience, and it shows.  So no hard times or decorating tips.  I came here without a camera, but a friend is bringing one in a few days, so pics as they're possible.

The work weeks are 50+ hours a week, 6 days, so there's little time for play.  But any play that's consumer friendly will be shared here.  If people have suggestions on what I should see and places to go, please send them to me.


Mark's 2003 Manila Contact Information Here

Here are running commentaries, pics, and other items of interestSorta daily entry web-logish style. 

Pictures of October Borocay Trip 

More pictures from Borocay 

Club Noah trip, finally!!!  

Miscellaneous News Articles   

Assorted Pictures  <---Fixed This broken link, it now works!

At Last, The Bangkok Pictures, page 1! NEW

The Rest of The Bangkok Pictures, page 2! NEW

For Misun

Birthday Party March 2008

Green Business Links


This is the last entry for now.  The Bangkok pictures are posted, and I'm back at home.  There were lots of pictures I didn't post, and several 20 second mpeg movies too large for the site.  Thanks to everyone for the feedback and interest, this little picture posting project was one of the sanity keepers during my stay!  Remember, if anyone has any comments, etc, click here to send them to me.