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A picture from one of  the airport lobby food outlets. We left from the smaller domestic airport.   They have Dunkin' Donut outlets all over Manila, but I don't think I've seen this little delicacy back in the states.  Small chocolate covered donut holes, accessorized with colorful sprinkles. It was love at first bite.  But this was better than the food guy next door.  I almost bought one of his filled croissant sandwiches, until the roach was spotted crawling underneath the wire holding rack.  About ten minutes later I noticed the clerk there had placed all the croissants into clear plastic bags.  I guess that's cheaper than RAID.
The airport waiting lobby.  In the large version, see if you can read the yellow SARS warning sign on the left back wall.  The bathrooms also had small warning signs posted about suspicious packages.  One of the listed ways to judge a package suspicious was "if the package is making noise, like the ticking of a clock, immediately alert the airport authorities."  There would be a picture of this warning, but the site of me taking pictures in the bathroom of a small Manila airport would be on someone else's list of suspicious activities.
Finally, we're away!  Small airplane, Liz got to watch the wheels fold up after takeoff.  That guy was to keep us from walking into the blades. I think it was a fifty seater.
Arrival on Caticlan.  We have to take a boat ride from here to Boracay island.  There were chickens wandering along the runway when we landed.  And the pilot used all of it to land, we turned around very close to the picket fence marking the runway's end.
This is the backside of the official welcome center, newly built.  From the airport we boarded a small van, and drove 100 yards to this place.  Beautiful building, much nicer than the airport itself. This is Liz and the van driver.  Pamela is ahead of them.
De Boat, De Boat!  These boats represent the primary water transportation among many of the islands.  I think the proper spelling is banca boats. Small diesel motors, noisy.
 For interested folks, I can email a 12M mpeg file of 20 seconds crossing the water.  Very nice sunset type action.  It was starting to sink in that we were vacationing!
Our first night's accommodations.  Very Nice!  Huge king size bed, and two twin beds.  Liz got the king, she was still very sick from food poisoning a few days previous, and Pam and I took pity on her poor whimpering soul. Plus, we both snored like drunken bandits.  Martel, I know you've always wanted a bed with the hanging net thingy, I promise we can look for it as soon as I get back.  It wasn't needed for bugs, but I don't think that's why Martel wants it either!  This room was the closest one to the beach, about 50 feet from the picture below.
AAAHHHHH!!  We've finally arrived!  Dave, this is what Yulapa should have been.  The drinks were better, the scenery (stationary and mobile) was better, and the open sewer going into the water was MUCH further down the beach!!

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