Misun,  here are some assorted pictures of friends and family.  Click on the links within the sentences.
Some of the pictures are large, and can be zoomed to see better.

These folks are Martel's Parents.  They were at a dinner where her mother was getting an award
for something.  Her mother and brother are coming to visit us tomorrow.

These two guys are clowning around in our company office in the Philippines! That's me and another co-worker,
who is my manager when we're both back in the U.S.  He lives in TexasWe're holding a model with two fighting
roosters.  Cock fighting is very popular in the PhilippinesIt's not legal in the U.S., but in some places still have
people doing it.  I shipped that thing to a friend in Florida as a joke!  I think it was made of real feathers.

Here is a picture of me getting a massage in Jakarta, Indonesia.  We were visiting a friend in November 2004
who lives there. This was her family's house in the country.  She also has a house here in Santa Cruz.

I don't know who this is, maybe you can help me.  Just kidding!!

Here are my mother, father and sister.  Also a couple of buddies of ours.  We're eating,
something Martel and I love to do.

This is from a fun trip we took in the mountains.  In the winter they are covered with snow. 
In the summer the trails become very dry and dusty, and you can rent four-wheel drive
scooters to drive around the trails on.  You get very, very dirty, as you can see from Martel and Dave.

This is my son on the left, and his friend, on the same trip through the dusty mountain trails.  My son
is 20, I'm sure I talked about him on the plane!  This one is of my buddy's daughter and her friend,
we were all so covered in dust!

Two more pictures of that dusty trip, this is from the top of the hill, we had a great view!  And this one too, the guy
standing in front of Martel is one of our guides.

I'll find some more pictures that may be interesting and put them here later.  Bye for now!

Here is another picture of our house, a better one than the Google Earth picture.  Our house is in the top right-hand
quadrant.  Look for a small red oval lightly covering a house in that quadrant.  That's where we live!

Sigur Ros Iceland homecoming concert video  This is a homecoming concert for them, one of Iceland’s popular groups.  In 2006 they were on a world tour, and came home to Iceland to hold a series of unannounced concerts in local town halls and other venues.  The movie is as much a travelogue of Iceland’s beauty, and conversations with band members, interspersed with performances in the different places.  A visually beautiful movie.  I find their music a bit too electronically processed at times, and hauntingly beautiful at others, a characteristic I attribute to the lead singer’s vocals.