Calling Manila Direct from US: 

International Access Code: 011.  Philippines Country Code: 63.   Manila City Code 2. 


Home Apartment: 750-8200. Best times are 9pm to 11pm or 4:30am to 6:30am Mon-Fri, my time.  Which is 15 hours ahead of Pacific, etc.  Call anytime during the weekends.


Office:  304-3594.  Any of the other times, if I'm not in a meeting, I'll be available.


Cell: 0916-231-5808  This is best used for text messaging, though if you call me, it doesn't cost me anything, unlike in the states.  It will cost you the international call.


For example, to call me at home by dialing direct: 011-63-2-750-8200

For calling me on the cell, use this (different than home/office): 011 63 916 231 5808 (no 2 after the 63)

For texting me on the cell, use this : 011 63 0916 231 5808  (extra 0)


If using calling card, first dial your card and pin/access numbers, then dial as above.

Mailing items:  It's best to send things to our office, please send nothing valuable:

Mark Douglas

AASHTO Project Staff

Project Monitoring Office

4/F DPWH Central Office ICC-Bldg.
Project Monitoring Division
Bonifacio Drive, Port Area, Manila, Philippines


Another way to mail items is to first send them to Info Tech in Gainesville, 

they send a weekly package to Manila via Fed Ex. Again, send nothing valuable.

Info Tech Address:

Info Tech

5700 S.W. 34th Street

Suite 1235

Gainesville, Florida, 32608


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