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Much Bigger                Much Bigger               Much Bigger

These are three shots of the pool here.  Very nice though I haven't been in yet.

Need to check into the hot tub status!


Much Bigger

This is of the apartment building. 25 floors, nothing particularly remarkable.  I wonder what's on the roof.


Here's me at my desk.  Outside those windows is a shanty town.  Roosters are crowing all day, and around 4:30pm many days the karaoke kicks in.  You see the phone lines along the wall.  Five of us (and that phone) share the same phone line for dialing out.  I've got headphones on.  There is so much clatter and noise with dot-matrix printers going off all day long.


This is Efren and I after having lunch with Liz in the old walled area called Intramuros.  Liz took the shot.  When the Spanish swept through the Philippines, they immediately celebrated by building an immense walled city, keeping themselves in and the locals out. I guess they liked their newfound neighbors sooo much!  They have celebrations, festivals, and restaurants in here, and many old buildings.  I think the place we had lunch in was a couple hundred years old.